E.O.T. Cranes

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Overhead E.O.T. gantry cranes for general purposes (i.e. port cranes) or those used for special applications such as in the steelworks industry (i.e. roll mill & coil cranes, furnace loading cranes, ladle cranes, etc), require independent drive  for hoist winches, trolley traversing and bridge travelling. Each drive has specific requirements to which the couplings
and brakes must comply: a high number of starting per hour, elevated number or reversals, limited space availability, large inertias and dynamic torque values, as well as synchronous torque transmission.
Service & Emergency brakes are of primary importance, since they determine the operational precision of the crane and guarantee the highest security conditions at all time. Failsafe operating mode and fast response time are the two major requirements all brakes have to fulfill. Adverse environmental conditions also might require the use of so-called “storm brakes”, which guarantee the safety of the machinery during potentially dangerous weather conditions.



Emergency brakes For low Speed Shaft Application
Torsional Flexible Couplings For High Speed Shaft Application
Torsional Rigid Couplings For either High Speed Shaft & Low Speed Shaft Application