Established in 2011, VULKAN Turkey is a part of the globally operating VULKAN Group with Headquarters in Herne/Germany and 125 years of experience. The Group consists of three divisions which all have their own product ranges such as elastic couplings for ships, generators, compressors and other industrial applications as well as solder-free (or braze-free) tube connections used in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

We provide sales, service and technical support all three divisions VULKAN Couplings, VULKAN Drive Tech and VULKAN Lokring in the Turkish market. With the wide range of VULKAN products and our experienced personal we offer tailor-made solutions as per customers' requirements for marine and industrial applications. 

Managing Director

Kagan Hasircioglu
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Phone: (+90) 216 6800535-36

VULKAN Turkey Engineering, Marine and Industrial Products Trading Ltd. Sti
Yeşilbağlar Mah. Fener Sok. No.2, Beyaz Ofis B Blok Ofis No.318
34893 Pendik – İstanbul-TURKEY
+90 216 6800535-36
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​VULKAN supplys products for new tugs of VectRA 3000 class

VULKAN delivers mounting solution, couplings and composite shaft for recently launched VectRA 3000 class tug.

The new and innovative VectRA 3000 class tug is a high performance VSP (Voith Schneider propeller) Tractor tug designed by Robert Allan Ltd in close collaboration with Turkish ship builder Sanmar and Voith Turbo Propulsion. The tug is designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of towing, harbour ship-handling and escorting of large ships.

Targeting a smaller, lighter and less costly solution than the traditional drive system this unique propulsion arrangement features high speed diesel engines connected to the Voith units via reduction gearboxes with integral clutches and VULKAN composite shafts instead of medium speed engines and turbo couplings.

In-depth calculations and simulations show that the combination of a highly flexible VULKARDAN E 6012 coupling between engine flywheel and gearbox and 3,4 m shaftline consisting of a VULKARDAN G 6212 in conjunction with a composite shaft turned out to be the best solution for the special demands of this sophisticated driveline. This offers the optimization of the torsional behavior during every operational stage, facing the special challenge that without the turbo coupling there is no smooth acceleration of the rather huge inertia of the VSP when the clutch is engaged.

VULKAN's supply is completed by 6 off T60-HA-DS mounts under each engine.

The first vessel in the VectRA 3000 series, the M/T Ares, built for Italian tug Owner Tripmare S.p.A., was successfully launched at Sanmar's new Altinova advanced shipbuilding facility in February 2016


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Sales & Service


With 18 subsidiary companies and 50 agencies worldwide, we make VULKAN expertise available on site everywhere. For our customers this means that our specialists and the matching solutions are quickly available right where they are needed. To see all locations of VULKAN Distributors and Partners download our Sales & Service Brochure.

Sales & Service Brochure

Trade Partner

Logo_gws_mit Schrift_RAL5017_beschnitten.jpg We are representing GEWES cardan shafts in Turkey. GEWES is a German manufacturer, who produces cardan shafts with a maximum torque from MdG350 Nm until 600000 Nm for marine and industrial installations.
Logo Microtem ​MICROTEM designs and manufactures mechanical seals and mechanical seal systems. Located just close to the Port of La Spezia-ITALY MICROTEM seals has wide product range 50-500 mm shafts with special DeDAS (Double eleactic Damping Sytems). That is the elastic supporting of the sliding surfaces, “MTM400” is always in equilibrium with respect to the structure variations of the shaft relatively to the hull. Further function of “DEDaS®” is to damper, by elevating the capacity of resistance both to vibrations up to 60 mm / RMS and to the shock up to 60 g. 
  • High capacity to compensate for vibration hull/propeller shaft
  • Water circulation device
  • High capacity to compensate for radial and angular misalignment between propeller shaft and hull passage​