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Founded in 1987, bearing in mind the centrality of the customer as guiding concept of our activity, conveying a genuine sense of responsibility in each individual behaviour and as a team, aware to be always able to convert into resolving actions the acquired skills and our own knowledge and capability, VULKAN can be considered the natural partner in the field of power transmission and of the elastic mounting VULKAN Italia designs, supplies technological solutions for all marine, industrial and railways applications, in the field of power transmission and for the control of vibration and noise, offering ourselves as the ideal partner that supports its customer towards his highest degree of satisfaction in each single phase of his project.

A skilled team for supporting the Lokring division in a market where big players of refrigeration field are acting, completes the offer of VIT.

VULKAN Couplings, VULKAN Drive Tech and VULKAN Lokring together at disposal of the Italian customers.


managing director

Gian Piero Repetti

Gian Piero Repetti was still a young naval Engineer when he started his path with VULKAN and after few years he was appointed to establish VULKAN Italia, being the heart of its success.
Year after year, he has supported VULKAN Italia to boost new projects and new businesses, having, at the same time, a central role inside the VULKAN Group itself.
As an expert and keen on pleasure vessel applications, he was appointed in 2018 as Global Business Developer in the Yachting sector.


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With 18 subsidiary companies and 50 agencies worldwide, we make VULKAN expertise available on site everywhere. For our customers this means that our specialists and the matching solutions are quickly available right where they are needed. To see all locations of VULKAN Distributors and Partners download our Sales & Service Brochure.

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Our company has the target to be more and more near to its customers, especially in the field of the supplies for motoryachts. Thanks to its new distribution network, the 8 VULKANSTORE distributors in Italy will be engaged in the promotion and sales of all Vulkan products for the pleasure craft industry.  They will supply an efficient service so that all our clients will be able to find spare parts and technical support for any need they have. VULKAN Couplings l VULKANstore.jpg enlarge view

The new distribution network VULKANSTORE has been carefully selected in order in order to keep a high level of service. The eight centers can work with the help of a new electronic catalogue which will enable them to find out all necessary technical and commercial information they need for the sales of the products. Thanks to this investment, VULKAN Italia is able to improve its presence and visibility also for the water-fuel separators Separ, assuring a serious and transparent sales policy.


Logo_gws_mit Schrift_RAL5017_beschnitten.jpg Gewes, tradition and innovation in a successful joint assure a modern product in any case where a cardan shaft represents the solution. Cardan shafts and double joints for torques from 350 Nm up to 260 kNm can be built in standard and special executions, which can even be directly coupled to the machineries. Gewes offers to its clients a skilled technical support and high quality products for the right solution to any marine, industrial and railway application.
Hamilton Jet

VULKAN ITALIA is pleased to announce to be, since September 2010, the agent and distributor of the waterjets HAMILTON JET for Italy. Since 1954 HamiltonJet has been working with vessel designers and builders to create waterjet propulsion systems which deliver optimum performance and efficiency.

Catalogue HAMILTONJET Series HJ 

Technical manual HAMILTONJET Series HJ

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Separ Filter Born from the experience of the company Willibrord Loesing, acquired in over 40 years of activity in the field of filtration, the Separ 2000 filter has an entirely new multistage centrifugal system which ensures a 100% solution to the problem of water and particulate in fuel, being the right solution for the engines, thanks to the reduction of the wear and of the maintenance cost. With flows from 5 to 130 l/min, it is available in simple or switchable double execution, with the possibility to install alarm sensors.
Catalogue SEPAR