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Being a provider of highly flexible torsional couplings since many decades VULKAN is used to support and ensure the selection of the coupling by a Torsional Vibration Calculation (TVC). This is basically valid for any propulsion system but especially for ship propulsion systems. 

The respective knowhow in predictive analysis of the torsional vibration behavior of propulsion systems and the thereby gained huge amount of experience in theory and practice of the skilled personnel put VULKAN nowadays in the position to provide an integrated noise and vibration optimised solution for virtually any propulsion system. VULKAN selects and delivers all necessary products to complete this task. Not least is the global presence of the VULKAN group with here local subsidiaries important and helpful in order to be able to design tailor-made solutions.

For the system integration VULKAN is pleased to offer the following engineering services which are available in addition to the TVC in the course of the quotation, the sales and the after sales:

  • Proposal for the selection and integration of the single components of the propulsion system
  • Selection of the resilient mounts and analysis by means of the so called 6 DOF analysis
  • Predictive analysis of VULKAN shafting systems
  • A well equipped in-house test center
  • After sales services