Propeller Shaft Couplings - PROPFLEX T

Torque range
2.80 kNm - 53.20 kNm

Double-cardanic displacement coupling with thrust mounts
For structure-borne sound insulation and for compensation of high radial and angular transmission movements. Absorbs the propeller thrust and offloads the transmission.

Elastically set-up drives with the highest level of comfort characteristics

The PROPFLEX coupling is a flexible displacement coupling for different application areas. Torque transmission with simultaneous compensation of displacement occurs through rubber bushes. Through these especially developed rubber bushes, noise-reducing properties are achieved that are clearly superior to those of conventional displacement couplings. Thus the PROPLEX coupling satisfies the most rigorous comfort requirements by isolating the vibrations of the transmission from the ship structure. The PROPFLEX portfolio consists of three different versions, the displacement coupling PROPFLEX N and the propeller shaft couplings PROPFLEX S and PROPFLEX T. PROPFLEX T is the combination of a PROPFLEX N with a thrust mount that enables full absorption of the propeller thrust. With a PROPFLEX T optimal noise reduction results can be achieved. The PROPFLEX coupling in combination with elastic mounts is an elementary component in the overall acoustic concept.


  • Noise isolation of the drive train for rigorous comfort requirements
  • Compensation of radial, axial, and angular displacements guarantees protection of connected aggregates and thus the availability of the drive
  • Modular structure and variable install lengths for maximum solution flexibility
  • Total acoustic concepts with VULKAN transmission and engine mounts and PROPFLEX couplings for the most rigorous comfort requirements


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