VDM-M Series

Mounts - VDM-M Series

Nominal load range
0.4 kN – 16.5 kN

Areas of application
Ship drives, pumps, fans, compressors and generator units

The VDM-M Series provides optimal performance in applications where damping and stability are absolutely necessary. The optimised stiffness level in the three directions ensures a good degree of vibration insulation and at the same time, the VDM-M Series is in a position to absorb longitudinal loads. The insulation in vertical and lateral direction is achieved by low stiffness. The VDM-M Series has an internal limiter that provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits vertical and lateral movements when the mounting is submitted to shock inputs. These mounts are suitable for a wide areas of applications ranging from the main drive on ships to generator set, pumps and compressors right up utility vehicles.


  • Optimal insulation from vibrations based on the stiffness characteristics.
  • Reliable with built-in centralized limiter.
  • Huge areas of application.

Technical Data