V Series

Mounts - V Series

Nominal load range
6.00 kN - 17.00 kN

Areas of application
Motor – gearbox mounts and railway drive mounts

The highly elastic V range has been developed primarily for mounting assembled engine-gearbox-drive installations. Owing to the tri-axial stiffness, the V range is an excellent choice for thrust transfer with minor displacements across high stiffness in the longitudinal direction, while the residual low stiffness of the other two axes ensures excellent vibration insulation from the engine and the gearbox. The V14 bearing is provided with height adjustment and a built-in limiter, therefore representing an ideal choice for high-speed yachts and small boats. The buffer impacts that arise in railway applications are intercepted with minor displacements.
The V range uses the proven concept of the VULKAN T Series with high-strength castings as the material for the housing, which ensures outstanding acoustic characteristics.


  • Excellent vibration insulation of the engine and gearbox
  • Built-in centralised limiter to protect the system in extreme situations
  • Selection of natural rubber compounds for optimal adjustment of the response to vibrations
  • The cast parts and screws made of high-strength materials have been designed
  • with a high factor of safety with respect to the nominal load
  • Linear stiffness characteristic in the nominal load range
  • Minor displacements while transferring large longitudinal loads


Technical Data