HD Series

Mounts - HD Series

Nominal load range
14.00 kN - 57.00 kN

Areas of application
Drives on ships, diesel generators and heavy machines

The vibration dampers of the HD-S Series have been developed for impact-insulating applications and are particularly suitable for ship drives, diesel generators and heavy machines, where a high level of insulation against low-frequency vibrations is necessary. The HD Series provide dynamic compression of up to 80 mm. As a result, the input stresses on the drive system caused by the impact are reduced to a large extent. Based on the high volume of natural rubber, the HD Series are particularly suitable for applications in which a high level of structure-borne sound insulation is required.
The HD Series are available in versions with three different rubber compounds in order to achieve optimal adjustment to the vibrational response.


  • Higher degree of insulation against low-frequency vibrations
  • Excellent insulation against structure-borne noise
  • Outstanding impact-insulating characteristics
  • Linear stiffness characteristic to a large extent
  • Type approval by leading classification companies


Technical Data