CV Series

Mounts - CV Series

Nominal load range
2.8 kN – 25.0 kN

Areas of application
Robust engine mounts - gearbox mounts - switching cabinets

CV 2000 mounts are used for light to medium-weight machines and systems, electric motors, combustion engines, switching cabinets and as gearbox mounts providing a high level of damping. The latter are joined by fixing plates with the gearbox and the foundation.
The CV 2000 Series are ring-shaped rubber-metal parts that are centred by a collar on one of the metallic plates. Based on the installation with the plates pre-stressed to one another, the CV 2000 bearings may be subjected to compression, tension and shear strains.
The CV 2000 bearings are particularly effective if they are used as a supplementary fixture to intercept vibrations caused by structure-borne noise.


  • High level of stress-bearing capability with the requirement of small installation spaces
  • Installation with centring
  • Robust bearing that can be subjected to stress caused by compression or tension
  • Customised, highly damping and robust gear


Technical Data