AVR Series

Mounts - AVR Series

Nominal load range
19.00 kN - 70.00 kN

Areas of application
Gearbox-coupled engine / Gearbox mounts

The AVR Series are semi-elastic and suitable primarily for free-standing gearboxes and directly coupled engine/gearbox applications in which the mounts need to absorb the torque with complete propeller thrust. AVR mounts are provided with internal and external precision metallic sleeves that
are joined with a vulcanised rubber layer. The rubber element can dampen axial and particularly radial vibrations, and it can also absorb torsional and cardanic stresses.
The fixing plates supplied are those intended for the gearbox concerned. The rubber element of these mounts consists of natural rubber (NR) used in a standard rubber compound with 60 Shore-A. It is also available in other values of Shore–A hardness on request. AVR mounts are suitable for ambient temperatures of -20°C to +70°C.


  • The semi-elastic AVR Series are in a position to absorb radial stresses with small displacements
  • Customised application with the help of fixing plates
  • Damping of the gear noise
  • Certified by leading classification companies


Technical Data