Monitoring Systems - TORVIB

Main propulsion and auxiliary drives on ships, generatorsets on ships, drives for stationary energy production with diesel or gas engines

Drives for stationary energy production with diesel or gas enginesVULKAN TORVIB offers condition monitoring of the driveline based on measured vibratory amplitudes on the Flywheel or vibratory twist angle across flexible coupling. TORVIB are able to indicate engine/motor overloading, resonances and engine misfiring. This device is designed to monitor two and four stroke diesel motor/prime mover and shaft lines. Torsional vibration measurement is done by measuring time interval of the teeth of flywheel. This time interval is converted to angular velocity, which is filtered and scaled to the correct value of torsional vibration. Twist angle measurement is done with two pulse belts on both side of the flexible coupling. The device measures phase shift of these pulses and detects twist angle and twist vibration.


  • Avoid overloading and unnecessary wear in the drive line.
  • Ensuring highest reliability of non-redundant components.
  • Increased safety in the crankshaft, gear and shaft line.
  • Improvement availability of the complete drive line by avoiding failures due to preventive maintenance as well as purposeful planning of spare parts.
  • Direct cost savings in the operation of the system.


Technical Data