Monitoring Systems - MDS2

Main propulsion and auxiliary drives on ships, generatorsets on ships, drives for stationary energy production with diesel or gas engines

MDS2 is designed to detect torque loading as a function of the twist angle over torque transmitting components such as flexible couplings or composite shafts. Dynamic data is analysed and evaluated against pre-set warning and alarm levels. Warning and alarm signals range from optical to active intervention in the propulsion drive train. MDS2 is available as either monitoring device or as safety equipment to protect the propulsion drive train from overloads and enabling planned maintenance. Depending on the chosen functionality MDS2 has an – event response - reaction time of 80 ms. The Application areas are for example ship propulsion, diesel gensets, wind turbines and in general drive trains with flexible torque transmitting components.


  • MDS2 twist angle monitor enables operators to plan maintenance work on the major torque transmitting components of the drive train, reducing downtime and cost.
  • One version for a multitude of functionalities.
  • Simple sensor installation by using the existing connection bolt heads as pulse generator.
  • As safety equipment, MDS2 will protect the propulsion drive train from overload.
  • Worldwide VULKAN aftersales service by internet connection to MDS 2.


Technical data