Joint Shaft Couplings - METAFLEX

Torque range
5.0 kNm - 120.0 kNm

Wind turbines, coupling between engine and gear, industrial applications

The METAFLEX coupling is a torsionally stiff link style coupling. Due to the all-metal design the coupling is widely dirt and temperature resistant. The bending flexible link element of the coupling consists of layered rings which are made from stainless steel. The coupling is maintenance free. It is based on a modular system with a small number of individual components resulting in easy assembly and disassembly. Standard nominal torque rating is up to 120 kNm whereby the coupling features small diameter and low mass moments of inertia. Special designs, higher nominal torque capacities and higher permissible speeds are available on request.


  • Maintenance-free and completely metallic coupling resistant to high temperatures and dirt for long service life under the harshest conditions
  • Modularity and special solutions for adaptation to different system requirements offer maximum flexibility in providing a solution
  • Option of balancing out large radial displacements of machine parts with the help of bending angles at individual couplings


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