Highly Flexible Couplings - VULKARDAN G

Torque range
10.40 kNm - 81.90 kNm

Freestanding genset applications

This coupling has been designed specifically for modern auxiliary and generator Applications, both for the SAE-engine drives (sizes 54-62) and for none-SAE-engine drives (size 84). The coupling is developed for freestanding applications, with the possibility to radially change the elastomer without displacing the connected units.
Due to the element design, exceptional values for power loss can be achieved. Additionally, the system is optimized in terms of torsional vibrations by the use of a new elastomer with a corresponding torsional stiffness CTdyn. Damaging resonances are therefore eliminated from the operating speed range and effects on engine governor are prevented.


  • Protection of the generator connected against axial vibrations for longer service life of the bearings
  • Excellent transmission ratio with a view on controller stability for adding load or removing it from the coupling.
  • Simplified disassembly of the elastomer without displacing the units connected.
  • Coupling versions for SAE-type and non-SAE type of connections for customised solutions


Technical Data
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