VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

​​VULKAN ESPAÑOLA is supplying torsionally flexible couplings for the new oceangoing tugs Bylgia and Kolga of the Spanish Shipyard Astilleros Armón

THE SHIP Bylgia and Kolga

THE SHIPYARD Astilleros Armón / Pontevedra

 For both ocean-going tugs with the hull numbers V-085 and V-086, built at the Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armón for the Heerema shipping company (the Netherlands), VULKAN ESPAÑOLA, a subsidiary of the globally active VULKAN Group, has delivered highly flexible couplings for the main drives, PTO gearboxes and generators.

THE SOLUTION With the drive concept implemented in these tugs, a total of four Caterpillar MaK engines, type 6M32C with a rated power of 3,000 kW each, drive both propellers, whereby two engines each are synchronised via one gearbox. In the main drive there are a total of four highly flexible RATO DS couplings, one for each shaft, used between the four Caterpillar engines 6M32C and the two Reintjes gearboxes DLG-5551P.

For the gensets of both anchor-handling tugs with Caterpillar engine C-32 (994 bkW at 1,800 rpm) and alternators LSA-50.2 VL10 of Leroy Somer, as well as for the emergency power supplies with the Caterpillar engine C18-ACERT (601 bkW at 1,800 rpm) and Leroy Somer alternators of type LSA-491 S4, VULKAN ESPAÑOLA has delivered a total of eight highly flexible VULASTIK L couplings. In order to meet the system requirements, there are different qualities of rubber available depending on the torque to be transmitted.

THE BENEFITS The RATO DS of type A-33DZ BR 2200 are highly flexible elastomer couplings that have been specially developed for the main drives of ships with a requirement of high torsional flexibility and medium misalignment capacity.

The different available stiffnesses enable a good tuning of the system with respect to both the transient and steady-state torsional vibration response, even for those systems where the performance depends primarily on perfect interaction between the two engines connected to one gearbox - and especially in cases in which one of the both engines is switched on or off.​

Another advantage of the successful cooperation between VULKAN and the engine manufacturer for the Heerema shipping company: Since no more time-consuming approval processes are necessary, the customer receives a highly reliable drive solution that has been tested many times with the shortest delivery lead time.

The main parts of the VULASTIK L coupling are hub and flanged casing, between these, the disc-shaped element is arranged. This disc element is connected by vulcanisation at its inner radius; the outer radius is connected to the flanged casing by a plug-in toothing. This toothing provides the axial plug-in feature and compensation of shaft displacements.

In addition, the shipping yard and shipping company benefit from the fact that all elastomer couplings required for the entire new project come from a single source, leaving synergy effects also to be utilised keeping installation and maintenance in mind.

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