VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

ACOTEC - Advanced Coupling Technology

VULKAN Couplings has developed the unique ACOTEC technology as the leading manufacturer of highly flexible couplings.

ACOTEC - Advanced Coupling Technology

This technology pursues the objective of constantly enhancing the customer benefits of the products through the holistic consideration of all influencing parameters: the system typology, the response to torsional vibrations, the requirements of the classification companies, the elastomer development and bonding technology, vulcanisation, metal machining, as well as simulation and test methods and procedures.

The core customer benefits that we offer with this approach are:

  • Our cost-effective price-performance ratio assures you of low investment costs
  • The long service life of our products reduces the operating costs of the system
  • The high level of functional quality offered by our products ensures a high degree of system availability
  • The great flexibility of our ACOTEC technology ensures the security and safety of solutions for both current requirements and those in future

In doing so, each part that is used for this purpose pursues different customer benefits in each case.



VULKAN Couplings offers comprehensive consultancy. We find the most effective solution. 

Your Benefit

  • Our high level of competence in providing solutions is characterised, among other things, by several years of experience and knowledge management, with investment costs and delivery lead times being kept to a bare minimum
  • Our trained employees are at your disposal locally for intensive consultancy. This is how solutions are worked out expeditiously and local issues are taken into consideration
  • Project support on a local level ensures clearance for the product class and adherence to time schedules



VULKAN Couplings has a database with numerous load profiles for virtually all applications and can therefore include important application specific findings as well as customer requirements in the design of highly flexible couplings.

Your Benefit

  • Several years of experience and efficient development software enable us to develop and manufacture products that not only have high functional safety but are also cost-effective
  • Our network of renowned research institutes enables us to identify new trends and market needs well in advance. We take this into account in all processes of our product development department so that our solutions are characterised by a guaranteed future.




Torsional Vibration Calculation

The starting point for the design of each coupling at VULKAN Couplings is the comprehensive analysis of the condition of torsional vibration for the drive train, and as regards ships it covers the engine right up to the propeller. The experts from the TVC (Torsional Vibration Calculation) department calculate static and transient operating conditions and in the process consider the special characteristics of the elastomers used with respect to rigidity and damping.

Your Benefit

  • Requirements regarding the compatibility of the torsional vibration conditions of the drive train and the dynamic safety are met: the operational range is particularly low in terms of resonance, damage is prevented and therefore maintenance costs are minimised while the system availability is maximised
  • Consideration of the classification criteria at the time of development and production simplifies the acceptance based on classes
  • Since we are able to perform all of the necessary torsional vibration calculations internally we can supply the right product for the application in an expeditious manner.
  • The product selection based on considerations of vibration enable investment costs to be kept low




Compound Research

VULKAN Couplings places great value on the development of elastomers and the vulcanisation processes suitable for them. Since setting up its own vulcanisation plant in 2005, a team of VULKAN Couplings experts integrated in a network of renowned research institutions has been developing in-house elastomer compounds.

Your Benefit

  • The response to rigidity and damping remain stable over a very long period of time, which means that the functional safety of the system is ensured at all times
  • The high power density of our elastomers enable products that are compact and hence low-priced




VULKAN Couplings has an own in-house vulcanisation, which means we have the technical expertise to identify, quantify and optimise all critical process parameters: the measurement of transfer moulding pressures and duration as well as temperature and pressure profiles in the vulcanisation tool.

Your Benefit

  • On-going optimised and coordinated process technology contributes towards cutting production and investment costs
  • Our high level of manufacturing depth enables short delivery lead
  • Reliable and reproducible processes ensure consistent quality and functionality of our products that have a favorable impact on the service life of the system; maintenance is rarely required, as a result of which the operating costs of the system are very low





Test Centre

VULKAN Couplings has a highly equipped test centre with 15 test stations, all performance parameters and technical data.

Your Benefit

  • With the help of field tests simulation, we test our products under real conditions. Even the largest couplings can be tested by us in-house and this way we can reduce both investment costs and delivery lead times
  • Product characteristics and functionality in the system are always verified under real conditions
  • Our acceptance tests facilitate expeditious clearances for various classes, fast delivery times and particularly reliable functional safety
  • In the course of product development, we optimise the service life, characteristics and quality of our couplings and bearings with intensive tests conducted at our in-house test center. In this manner, the reliability is assured under real conditions at the time of product development



VULKAN produces at five productions sites worldwide. That’s why we are able to deliver fast and economically to local markets – obviously always with the excellent VULKAN quality, which has been certified and awarded by customers several times.

Your Benefit

  • The processes can be made more continuously efficient with the help of optimised and coordinated process technology. This inspection of the production facilitates low production costs and therefore low investment costs.
  • Our high level of manufacturing depth enables short delivery lead times

  • Due to our solid, documented and reproducible processes we assure a reliable and high product quality

  • The VULKAN production sites include progressive production technologies, an own vulcanization and a own foundry – our foundation for highest flexibility and quality