VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

Hybrid Drive

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As environmental demands like emission reduction in workboats increase, new propulsion concepts emerge in maritime markets. The background for that development includes the increasingly strict laws and regulations for watercraft operation in coastal waters, together with the increasing number of Emission Control Areas (ECA), which make alternative drive concepts necessary. Emission Control Areas are special navigation areas established by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Specific environmental guidelines apply to these zones, e.g. regarding emissions, so that special restrictions on sulphuroxide,
nitrogen oxide and soot particle emissions exist in these areas.

Tugs are particularly affected by this as, by their very nature, they perform their work almost constantly close to the coast, and thus in ECAs located in many parts of the world. In addition to this challenging field of application, tugs usually share a certain load profile, perfectly suited for diesel-electric hybrid drivelines. Moreover, in the version currently favored by influentia engine manufacturers and designers, an electric motor between diesel and gearbox is switched onto the drive shaft. When full power
e.g. for pulling is needed the diesel engine can run at rated power. In all other cases, when idling or at slow transit the diesel-engine can be decoupled and the generator/engine can supply the needed power.
For these demands, the TDS PLAFRIX clutch combination includes clutch and a torsional flexible coupling. The TDS PLAFRIX is optimized exactly for these applications, in a cost-effective and weight-optimized design. For a flexible mounted engine as seen in the picture, VULKAN as system supplier can provide the whole spectrum of solutions for a comfortable and vibration reduced powertrain. Starting from 6- and 12-Degree-of-Freedom calculations as well as torsional vibration calculations and accoustics, VULKAN can supply engine- and gearbox-mounts, clutches and couplings optimized as one solution for the best system tuning.