T Series

Diesel Mechanic Drive in Tug Boats - T Series

Nominal load range
4.00 kN - 128.00 kN 

Areas of application
Drive motor mounts - Generator frame units – diesel-electric
Drive units – Single and double elastic mounts

The highly elastic mounts of the T Series have been specifically developed to do justice to the most stringent requirements with respect to insulation and comfort. At the same time they offer a high degree of safety with their versatile designs. The load is borne by rubber elements with the help of shear and compression strain. Several rubber compounds are available, as a result of which optimal adjustment of the vibration response of the mounted machine can be ensured. Several versions are available in order to meet the requirements of a given system and all mounts have a built-in centralised limiter that restricts the vertical and radial displacements. The centralised limiter protects the important connections of the system against extreme displacements that occur owing to the ship's movements.


  • Built-in centralised limiter to protect the system in extreme situations
  • Selection of natural rubber compounds for optimal adjustment of the response to vibrations
  • The cast parts and screws made of high-strength materials have been designed with a high factor of safety with respect to the nominal load
  • Linear stiffness characteristic in the nominal load range
  • Savings in time for installation with the help of pre-stressed bolts
  • Type approval by leading classification companies


Technical Data