Integrated Shaft Coupling (ISC)

Diesel-Electric Drive for Work Boats - Integrated Shaft Coupling (ISC)

Torque range
10.00 kNm - 160.00 kNm

Cardan shaft drives, flexibly mounted engines

The VULKAN Integrated Shaft Coupling (ISC) combines in a unique way the well proven RATO DS torsional rubber coupling with a double cardanic floating shaft.
The working principle of the ISC is based on the fact that the flexible rubber element of the RATO DS coupling transmits the torque primarily by shear stresses which have a pre-dominant radial/circumferential component.


Compared to pure torsional or conventional misalignment couplings the Integrated Shaft Coupling (ISC) offers the following advantages:

  • Significant reduction of parts in case of the bearing less design
  • Advantageous weight saving of the entire coupling including the intermediate shaft
  • Up to seven meters long Composite intermediate shaft
  • High misalignment capacity, low reaction forces
  • No noise transmission path through metallic parts in case of bearing leass design
  • Extended torsional vibration tuning capabilities


Technical Data
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