VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

Multi-Engine Diesel-Mechanic Drive in Ice Breakers

17_Flexible-couplings-The-multi-engine-diesel-mechanic--drive-in-icebreakers_20140723.jpg enlarge view

The breaking of ice of up to one meter in thickness during continuous sailing, the ramming of large blocks of ice - these are the highest requirements that are placed on the drive unit. This is particularly valid for the engines, transmissions, as well as the highly flexible couplings. Here, VULKAN Couplings provides the ideal products with the RATO S, RATO S+ or RATO R couplings, which are able to cope with these high requirements. The RATO R couplings used here not only protect the drive unit from harmful vibrations, but also protect the diesel engine’s crankshafts from impact shock loads, which are unavoidable during hard operation. A great part of the impact energy is hereby absorbed by the couplings.