VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

Diesel-Electric Dredger Drive

19_Flexible-Couplings-Diesel-electric-dredger-drive_20140723.jpg enlarge view

Several highly powered generators, driven by medium-speed fourstroke diesel engines running at mid-speed, provide the electricity that is used for the electric motors of the main and auxiliary drives. The main generators (not shown in this picture, see page 32/33) are driven directly or through a gearbox. The generators are rigidly, the diesel engines are rigidly or elastically mounted. The main propulsion drive, as well as the auxiliary drives, such as the cutter head, dredge pump, jet pump and other various machines, are driven by electric motors.

For those cutter and dredge pump drives, VULKAN offers the MESLU Clutch System. A pneumatically operated double cone friction clutch combined with the highly flexible RATO or VULKARDAN E coupling (details see page 60/61). A good tuning of the drive unit’s torsional behavior is achieved by a large range of dynamic torsional stiffness and damping values available for those highly flexible couplings.