VULKAN Couplings Marine propulsion

The Flexibly Mounted Auxiliary Drive

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Supplementing the known rigidly mounted auxiliary drives, flexibly mounted drives are today a common alternative. Depending on the consuming power of the generators, and thereby the size of the four-stroke diesel engines, for comfort reasons either only the diesel engines are elastically mounted, or the engine and generator are rigidly mounted on a common frame, which is elastically mounted to the ship’s hull above.

Considering the first named category, were the engine is able to move against the attached machinery, the elastic behavior of the coupling needs a special focus. Couplings used in these applications need to be able to compensate the engines movement by a relatively soft radial stiffness. VULKAN offers a broad range of couplings capable for flexible mounted auxiliary drives including RATO S, RATO R and VULKARDAN E couplings. Together with the in-house manufactured elastic mounts, VULKAN delivers the complete solution for an optimal tuning of auxiliary units.

More than this, VULKAN delivery program exceeds that of a common part supplier. In house 6- or 12-Degree-of-Freedom-Calculations allow the best suitable engine mounting in respect to comfort and engine safety. Together with the in-house torsional vibration department, all elastic parts as couplings and mounts can be perfectly harmonized for the best results in terms of vibration and noise reduction.