VULKAN Group-Marine Propulsion, Air Conditioning and Industrial Drive Solutions

Quality, environment, safety and health policy


Based on the company’s vision and corporate values, self-image and the demands on the organization and management, VULKAN Group’s management team have laid the essential cornerstones for the management system in their Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health policy.

Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for a sustainable and successful business. Our products and services must meet customer needs, in terms of function, price, deadline compliance, quality, being environmentally friendly and withstanding competition. One important element is the comprehensive information and advice we supply to our clients on the selection, use and disposal of our products.

Our business success can be attributed to the high level of quality and value for money offered by our products, high flexibility, the reliability of our employees and reliable delivery. We constantly develop our quality, in order to meet our customers’ high demands.

Our products embody reliability and innovation. Our goal is to create products that are safe to produce, safe to use and environmentally sound to dispose of.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work. We encourage and reward all the ideas and goal-oriented actions of our employees, which bring about improvements in quality and safety and reduce the environmental impact of our products. Thanks to the high motivation and qualifications of our employees, we establish a basis for quality, customer-oriented, environmental and safety-conscious work. The management critically considers demographic developments and responds by promoting, in this process, the education and training of its employees.

Health, work and plant safety
The health of our employees is our most valuable asset, an asset which needs to be protected. As a result, we adopt all necessary measures to create and maintain safe and ergonomic work stations. Equipment and systems must always be available. This is necessary for the manufacture of our products. Maintenance, repair and regular testing are integral components of our corporate policy.

The environmental policy is part of our corporate policy. Through future-oriented, quality-promoting and environmentally friendly investments, we want to meet the increasing demands of our customers and the market. To prevent environmental impact, we implement the proper use and disposal of materials and resources. We consider it our duty to get raw materials and energy, while considering resource conservation. As part of society, we are committed to preserving our environment and to ensuring the protection of the health and safety of our employees.

We are committed to complying with existing environmental and occupational safety laws and regulations. Equipment, products, emissions and waste are monitored independently. In the absence of legal obligations or official requirements, we implement necessary procedures independently.

Thinking and acting in process chains
Our process-oriented, integrated management system is a holistic production system: (VPS). With this system, we ensure that capabilities are identified in all areas and are included in a continuously improving process. We consider quality-based, safety, environmental and health related aspects when we plan, operate and develop our processes and associated facilities, equipment and processes. We strive for innovative solutions and the best technologies, in the light of economic conditions. Through these processes, we sustain the positive development of our company in all areas.

Constant improvement / error prevention
We want to ensure the quality of our products, not merely by removing defects, but by early error prevention. All employees are encouraged to participate actively in this process with their own ideas and proposals. We see it as our task to constantly improve our considerations of industrial safety and environmental performance. The quality management system serves as a guide, to continually improve our processes and procedures and to reduce our costs.

We are committed to limiting people and the environment’s exposure to a minimum, during production, storage, transport, distribution and use of our products. We only work with suppliers who are ready to assist and to unconditionally support our objectives in partnership.
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