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Highly Flexible Couplings - RATO DS

Nominal Torque Range
16.00 - 200.00 kNm

Rotational Speed
1825.00 – 975.00 RPM

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Torsionally highly flexible coupling with a good transient and steady-state torsional vibration response.

High speed shaft - Low speed shaft of compressor driven by electric motor or diesel engines with non-SAE flywheel.


  • Compact dimensions lead to significant weight savings and therefore increase the efficiency of the drive system and reduce operating costs.

Tailor-made solutions

  • Specifically designed for use in installations that require a high level of torsional flexibility and medium level of misalignment capacity
  • ATEX Certification available on request.


  • The available stiffnesses enable the customised tuning of the system with respect to transient and steady-state torsional vibration response.


Technical Data

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Scope of supply

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